Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blueberries dreaming of cookies

One of my PiBoIdMo ideas from November…still in process!

Where does a blueberry want to end up?
Sitting and waiting at the bottom of your cup?
Under a leaf, peering through blades of grass?
Or wistfully looking up at a wee little lass?

If I were a blueberry, I'd want to swim
in a bowl full of cereal and milk, partly skim. 
I'd want to be warmed in a sweet, gooey pie.
I'd want to be thrown in the air, up high!

I wonder if each blueberry has its own dream.
I bet it would want to be the blueberry queen.
Or a banker on wall street, crunching the stats.
Maybe a weightlifter, building those lats?

Whatever those blueberry wishes might be,
I am always reminded when I see one flee.
Falling out of the box and onto the floor,
I imagine it trying to get to the door.

I reach over and give the blueberry a roll;
It wouldn't be happy doing laps in my bowl.

I wonder if I give it some time to think,
if the blueberry will give me a tiny blue wink
and bounce out the window to follow a dream:
playing ice hockey on frozen whipped cream.

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