Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Cookie of the Year

A new year--yet another new year! They seem to get faster as I get older.
Aaaaand I just aged more as I wrote that.

In thinking about this year I have to focus on my amazing gift of a daughter and the trip Chad and I have taken getting to know her and getting to know each other in our new roles. I have to say, I adore where we have landed on the last day of 2012. And I know next year will bring really exciting things.

I didn't have time on Thanksgiving this year to list all my thank-you-very-muches. So I'm going to start this year doing just that. (You may notice a family theme. Predictable but true.)

1. I am thankful for each and every moment with Grace. There were so many years I thought having children would be impossible. I am reminded of that with every giggle....and I try to remember that with every tantrum. Try.

2. I am the luckiest wife, period. My man is a treasure.

3. My mother's mothering, while I knew it was stellar, has been indispensable this year, for me and for Grace.

4. My sisters--both my own and Chad's, bring small miracles to our lives every day. Where would we be without them? Probably rocking in the corner.

5. My father read The Night Before Christmas to us this year...the first time reading to his daughters AND his granddaughters.

6. I am so thankful to have known my Grandpa Bernie: his quiet humor, his loving smiles, and his unforgettable voice. I miss him but I am thankful he is now with Muma again.

7. In a similar vein, I am thankful to have known and learned from a truly special person, Donald. He is missed.

8. I am so thankful for horses. Especially Captain.

9. I am thankful for my FableFamily, for all the laughter, all the time.

10. For my mommy friends: Abby, Lucy, Kate, Janet, Amy W, Amy G, Cyra, Joy. To you all, I say Namaste. And I love you. Going through this first year of motherhood with you has made it all possible.

11. I am thankful for Tracy for capturing all the biggest moments of my life thus far.

12. Grandpa Don, you made it to 2013. I am so thankful for your toughness and your naps.

13. I am thankful that this year I did not need a single one of these drugs:


14. To those who have brought a harried, tired, raggedy lady back to herself in big and small ways: (including but not limited to) Robin for the horses, Leigh for the magazines, Mandi for the face cream and hugs, Premal for saving the world one trial at a time, Renee and Keith for getting married, simply, thank you.

The End.
(of 2012)

Photo by Tracy Emanuel