Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strong Cookies

I love my city. I really do. I'm proud of its history, its people, its character. And today, especially, I'm proud of how Boston came together to help and to heal.

For almost a week now the stories have come back out in the media--the Globe, 60 Minutes, and especially the internet. This morning I watched the local news broadcast from Copley Square, then watched the Today Show broadcast from Copley Square, watched the bombs go off over and over. Seeing the pictures of the bloodied adolescent who caused the deaths and destruction, seeing pictures of a little, little girl whose father, now dead, made the decision to leave her. And I've been just weeping all morning. I don't want to see those bombs going off again and again. I don't think anyone else does, either.

I love how my city is healing. I can't wait to see the runners next Monday. I can't wait to hear the cheers. But I am still scared. I can't go to the race next Monday. I can't bring my daughter there. My uncle is running and I have friends running and I absolutely adore the outpouring of love. But I can't go, yet. I hope someday we can once again cheer on those admirable, impressive people.

Today, at 2:49pm, I will send my heart to everyone in pain from the events of last year. And I hope they are not scared. I hope that they have all found hope and love and strength and are looking towards the future, so big.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Working Cookie

Most of the time on this blog I'm writing about family or Grace or relationships--you know, life.
But I have another life too, which is ironically where I spend most of my time: work.

I have worked in digital media for 10 years or so and I really do love it. Especially when there is meaning and education behind what you're building and you know it will really help someone. I think my fate was cast when my dad brought home this "laptop" in the late '80s and taught me how to play Space Invaders.

It's amazing to think about Space Invaders, then, compared to where digital media was even just 10 years ago and where it is, now--we've gone from CD-ROMs and zip drives to QR code enhanced ads and clouds.  It's hard to stay on top of everything in the industry because the industry changes so quickly. But, frankly, my dear, that's fun! And there are principals to design and content that apply no matter what. I wrote a while back about one of those principals, simplicity, on the Digital Bungalow blog and thought I would share it, here. Of course, Grace stars in it, too.