Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Cookie

I've been working on a project for a while (longer than I should have...) and here's a sneak peek. It's a very small peek. But I'm nervous about the rhyme. Is it working?


As Howard went to sniff it, his face landed on top,
And he tumbled over, forward and sideways with a plop.
Inky jumped back, and Stinky said “Eeeeep!”
Howard rolled and snored because he was fast asleep.

Inky and Stinky looked, laughed, and gave a shrug.
“Let’s keep him.” Stinky said as Inky caught a lightening bug.
Howard was funny and smart and would often stop and drop;
Sleeping on a stump, under a bush, in a belly flop.

Howard brought more to Inky and Stinky than just naps.
He loved to salsa, enjoyed literature, and used the word “perhaps”.
Stinky showed Howard where to find the best goose eggs.
Inky taught Howard to sauté frog legs.
And every evening they’d share the last daytime light,
before sleeping under the stars every single night.